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        Welcome to the website of EuroCoon Empire Maine Coon Cattery! 

  We are a maine coon cattery located in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. 
  My name is Ágnes Simon, we have been working with breeding of maine coon cats with my husband for years, and the passion we feel about our occupation is inspired by these beautiful creatures.  Being with the kittens from the moment they were born and playing with them every day helps them to become more people-oriented as well as more playful and socialized. Also we think that giving them the right nutrition of food and the right medical attention definitely help them to grow as healthy and lovely pets for a lifetime.  Our kittens are for sale internationally, they are wormed and vaccinated.
  We are kindly waiting for your questions which you can raise below or you can find us on our official facebook site.

 Kindest regards,

Ágnes Simon  &  László Szivos-Tóth
Maine Coon breeders